John Legend Lights Up New York City With a Live Performance of ‘Under the Stars’

Christmas came early thanks to the Grammy-winner’s collab with Stella Artois. 

R&B master John Legend (and hubby to Maxim favorite Chrissy Teigen) left some lucky New Yorkers speechless Wednesday night after a killer 30-minute set in collaboration with Stella’s ‘Give Beautifully’ holiday campaign. Legend rounded out the performance with his newest hit track, ‘Under the Stars,’ a soothing lullaby inspired by the sounds and vibrations of the bright stars in the sky.

“I didn’t even know that stars made noises but scientists were able to record actual vibrations of the stars and make them into a real audio recording,” Legend said in a recent interview with Billboard. “The idea of doing a duet with one really inspired me to do something cool but I wrote the song ‘Under The Stars,’ and Stella and I are giving it to the world as part of their ‘Give Beautifully’ campaign.”

The event, hosted by renowned Belgian beer brand Stella Artois, brought people together for a once-in-a-lifetime experience under the stars thanks to a captivatingly large LED installation put together at NYC’s Skylight at Moynihan Station. Movement sensors installed within the ‘night sky’ allowed for the stars to shift up and down once patrons reached for them, as well as strategically-placed cameras used to capture the moment and later broadcast on-screen to view at the conclusion of the special occasion. 

Anyone can check out the installation for themselves on December 10-11th from 6pm to 10pm and December 12th from 2pm to 9pm. Let Legend and Stella Artois to take you out of this world.

Photos by Mike Coppola / Getty Images