Watch Keanu Reeves Kill Everyone Again With the New ‘John Wick Chapter 2’ Kill Counter

At least his dog is safe this time.

The first John Wick had a sky-high kill count, with 77 Russian bad guys getting shot in the face, run over, and beaten to a pulp by Keanu Reeves’s furious fists.

The message didn’t seem to get out that crossing the assassin known as the Boogeyman never ends well for anyone. The death toll for John Wick Chapter 2 was far greater, with 128 total fatalities. Some were even more inventive and grisly than they were in the first film (see: stabbing a dude in the junk). 


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This new compilation video really emphasizes just how blood-soaked the sequel truly was, flitting through all 128 deaths in a matter of 10 minutes. The climactic showdowns between Ruby Rose’s deaf assassin and Italian crime lord Santino D’Antonio are left in full, to show just how merciless John Wick truly can be.

Warning: spoilers and plenty of headshots.