‘John Wick 2’ Photo Reveals Keanu Reeves’s New Canine Sidekick

We hope his bite is as bad as his bark.

The first John Wick saw its titular hitman bring the hurt to some Russian baddies all for—wait for it—killing his new puppy (awe). 

Now, one of the more unusual entries to the revenge-thriller canon is coming back for a sequel, and a just-released photo reveals Keanu may have a new sidekick.

It appears the pit bull Wick redemptively took with him at the end of the first film (spoiler alert!) will join Keanu on his path for vengeance, this time on location in Rome rather than New York.

In any case: cat lovers, beware. 

See Keanu’s canine companion get his paws bloody in John Wick: Chapter 2, in theaters February 10, 2017.

h/t IndieWire