We Promise That ‘Nerf John Wick’ Is The Best Foam Bullet Viral Video You’ll Ever See

Definitely do try this at home.

The John Wick cinematic universe has already spawned an impressive array of viral videos to accompany the original Keanu Reeves assassin blockbuster and the equally killer sequel. There’s been clips of Reeves doing gun training, laying waste to Russian gangsters in a bloody supercut, and even a clip of Wicks’ beloved dog kicking ass, among others. 

The latest entrant into the Wick video sweepstakes is this strangely watchable mini-movie featuring a Wick wannabe wielding all manner of Nerf weapons. It’s just like one of those kill-crazy supercuts, except with countless foam bullets bouncing off baddies’ skulls.

The geeked-out video from Corridor Digital is from the same twisted minds who brought us clips inspired by video game Overwatch, “Literal Bohemian Rhapsody” and yes, “Anatomically Correct Spider-Man”. 

Check them all out below, along with a classic clip of the world’s most ridiculously huge Nerf gun:


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