We Just Learned the Title and Plot of the New ‘John Wick’ TV Series, and It Sounds As Awesome as the Movies

But will Keanu show up?

John Wick promo

John Wick promo
John Wick 

After John Wick: Chapter 2 delivered that rare sequel that kicked ass just as hard as the first film, Wick fans are naturally ready for John Wick 3. Turns out that in addition to a third film, director Chad Stahelski says we’ll get a heaping dose of the universe around the characters with a TV series, The Continental.

Stahelski went into how The Continental will tie in to the films—and whether Keanu Reeves will show up as the man himself—in an interview with IndieWire.

The man, the legend…

“It’s very tied to the film [in that] it’s about the Continentals all over the world,” he said, and it’s also about “how certain people come into that world, and what happens in relation to those people, which is cool.”

“I think the world is very vast,” Stahelski continued, “and everything I’ve heard from it is very positive. […] It’s something that studio seems very, very intent on [making] and very, very behind.” 

Regarding Reeves in character as Wick, Stahelski told IndieWire that he thinks “he would make an appearance” because “that’s part of his thing.”

He was quick to clarify, however, that The Continental will not be “centered around John Wick.” 

Stahelski also indicated that moving the world of John Wick to TV doesn’t give him pause at all and he cited the “Battle of the Bastards” episode from Game of Thrones. “As an action designer, I think that’s the best battle I’ve ever seen on TV,” he said, “They did a great job, and they weren’t careless with their money. They planned it, they boarded it — you watch the behind-the-scenes (…) the guys did everything right.”

So far neither Stahelski, director David Leitch nor Keanu Reeves have hit any sour notes with the Wick franchise either. We can’t wait to see what they do with a chance to really dive into such a dangerous world.

h/t Brobible, IndieWire