Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s Apology to Australia Is the Most Awkward Thing You’ll See Today

The next 42 seconds are actually painful to watch.

Who knew dog smuggling was such a serious crime in the eyes of Australian government? 

Justice League actress Amber Heard certainly didn’t. The 29-year old wife of Johnny Depp reportedly faced up to 10 years behind bars for forging a false immigration document for dogs Boo and Pistol, as well as dodging a lengthy quarantine period. Luckily for her, the charges were dropped and she was mandated to record a brief video that seems more like a publicity stunt than a sincere apology to the men and women of Australia.

Heard and Depp (who could possibly be in character as Jack Sparrow for all we know) appear forlorn as they essentially beg for forgiveness for their ridiculous transgression, praising Australia as “a treasure trove of unique plants, animals and people.” The best part may be when Depp, with his characteristic deadpan, states that “Australians are just as unique, both warm and direct. If you disrespect Australian law, they will tell you firmly.” OK then.

The moral of the story, is simple: Don’t smuggle your medium-sized dogs into a different country, because you will most definitely get caught. But if you’re forced to apologize, at least try to mean it.