Johnny Depp Plays a Bone-Chilling Whitey Bulger in “Black Mass”

The first trailer for the Boston gangster’s biopic promises mental intimidation and gratuitous violence.

According to the first trailer for “Black Mass,” here’s what Whitey Bulger likes: a well-marinated steak. Here’s what he don’t like: no snitches.

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Johnny Depp, suited up in a receding hairline and a gravelly voice, is bone-chillingly intimidating as he warns a man who gives up his family’s secret steak marinade (in his defense: Whitey did ask nicely) what happens to people who spill the beans. To drive the point home, the trailer is interspersed with scenes of unlucky folks getting beaten up and shot, the Boston busing riots, and Adam Scott with a supremely bushy moustache.

Black Mass” hits theaters on September 18th.