Watch Johnny Depp Hilariously Prank Disneyland Visitors As The Mad Hatter

This is kind of weird.

I don’t know if this is cute or sad, but Johnny Depp made a surprise appearance at Disneyland this week, in character as the Mad Hatter. Watch the video above to see how it all went down.

Unassuming visitors to the Anaheim theme park were jolted to attention when Depp’s real-time, moving image appeared on a billboard in the resort. Initially, onlookers appeared to be unclear whether it was actually Johnny Depp in the flesh, but the actor began interacting with them (in character) through the looking glass as a group of intrigued women gathered around. 

At one point Depp singled out a young girl, asking, “May I fit you for a hat?” One woman, who claimed that Alice in Wonderland was “her favorite movie ever” was so surprised that she had to be censored in the Disney-produced video of The Mad Hatter stunt. 

Depp’s surprise cameo was in the service of promoting Alice in the Looking Glass, which premieres on May 27.