Johnny Manziel Is Burning Every Bridge in Cleveland

The Browns are “so done” with him. Really, who can blame them?


Johnny Manziel didn’t have many responsibilities on Sunday. His Cleveland Browns were set to finish off another woeful season with a game against the Pittsburg Steelers, but the second-year quarterback had already been ruled out of the game. He suffered a concussion earlier in the week, effectively ending his season. Still, Manziel had on thing on his to-do list Sunday—he was to show up for a meeting with team doctors at 9 am.

He didn’t make it. And when the team tried to find him, they couldn’t. As it turns out, Manziel was reportedly out in Las Vegas on Saturday night. While Manziel made a couple Instagram posts implying he was at home in Ohio, it was an empty gesture after he reportedly showed up to practice earlier in the week “disheveled” and “inebriated,” according to a Cleveland radio host.

Now, the reportedly Browns are “so done with the guy,” Sports Illustrated NFL reporter Peter King tweets. “I will be stunned if he ever plays another snap for Cleveland.” It’s this kind of behavior that, one of his teammates said on Sunday, proves that “some things are more important to him than football.” 

It’s unclear if all of these stories are true at this point, but they certainly could be given Johnny Football’s reputation as a rule flouting drunkard. In the summer of 2014, before the guy even played a snap for the Browns, team officials said they were publicly “alarmed” by his hard partying. They had good reason: He would go on to flip off the Washington Redskins’ bench during a game, repeatedly miss required meetings, get into late night fights and show zero ability to learn from his mistakes

That, one can assume, is why the Browns are throwing their hands in the air and preparing to move on. The team’s simply done playing parent to the perpetually adolescent quarterback. It’s done chasing him down when he misses a meeting and following his Instagram to make sure he’s not partying. 

The Browns will likely begin looking for teams interested in an undersized, over-active but reasonably talented quarterback. According to King, the 23-year-old would like to go play for a Dallas Cowboys. That might just be a good fit; after all, owner Jerry Jones has a thing for reclamation projects