Johnny Manziel Investigated For Domestic Dispute

Johnny Football keeps making news for the wrong reasons.

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Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel might be in trouble again. Seems  that when he’s not clubbing in a ridiculous disguise or apparently making everyone in Cleveland hate him, “Johnny Football” is ending up on the wrong end of police reports about domestic “altercations.”

Sports Illustrated reported Saturday that Manziel had been in some kind of mix-up with his ex in Fort Worth, Texas, and investigating officers are still trying to figure out whether someone needs to be charged or not:

According to a police press release, patrol officers were dispatched to a Fort Worth apartment building with regard to a report of a possible assault. Officers did not locate the caller but spoke with a 23-year-old female who said that she was involved in “a disturbance” with her ex-boyfriend, Manziel, earlier that night in Dallas.

As of Saturday afternoon, the police could only say there had been a “possible assault.” Manziel’s ex was “uncooperative” and it was apparently hard to determine where the crime—if any—had occurred. 

While there were concerns about how Manziel was doing, perhaps about his state of mind, he was reportedly located and seemed okay.

This combined with an October report that the troubled QB had another domestic ‘situation’ arise with his girlfriend at the time has probably made NFL nervous, given the PR black eyes the league has had from previous incidents.  

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Manziel, who has been in rehab in the past and whose team had an abysmal 3-13 season, is clearly under pressure. Let’s hope if he has a meltdown he at least doesn’t end up taking anyone else down with him. 

h/t Sports Illustrated