Report: Johnny Manziel Threw Drug-Fueled Rager at an L.A. Rental and Trashed the Place

How do you cause $30,000 in damage? Like this.


Former NFL quarterback and future Celebrity Apprentice contestant Johnny Manziel is doing everything he can this off-season to ensure his continued unemployment. His latest misdeed? Throwing two drug-fueled ragers at a rented L.A. house and causing thousands in damages.

Page Six has the dirty details:

It’s claimed Manziel and his group left the house strewn with booze and drugs, broke an expensive glass table and a bathroom door, and left wine stains and cigarette burns on carpets. Pictures obtained by Page Six show lines of suspicious white powder on a table, and an open bag of what is claimed to be magic mushrooms.

The broker who rented Manziel the house is now demanding $32,000 to cover the damages. He told Page Six that when he went to the house two hours after Manziel was supposed to be out, the 23-year-old was passed out on the couch. Tables were covered with cocaine and mushrooms, broken glass scattered about the floor and there was “a Champagne glass in a tree.”

If any NFL teams were considering kicking the tires on Manziel, they’re not anymore. Even Manziel’s agent, Drew Rosenhaus, has cut ties with him, stating that he’ll only take him back as a client if he gets his shit together. Rosenhaus has only worked with Manziel for a couple months, taking him on after agent Erik Burkhardt dumped the hard-partying Texan in January.

With no agent and no prospects, little is clear about Manziel’s future in football, except for this: This time next year, some lucky prison football team is going to have a hell of a quarterback.