Is Johnny Manziel The New Best Sports Troll?

Judging by his work this offseason, maybe.

(Photo: Julie Bennet/Landov | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2013)

Move over, Jose Canseco, there’s a new sports troll in town and he’s mighty good at it. Johnny Manziel, or as he’s known as the trademark office: Johnny Football, is the Heisman-winning 20-year-old sitting under center at Texas A&M. He was also the only team to stop the Crimson Tide from rolling last season, in the game that launched a thousand Saban gifs.

In a 2012 arrest for disorderly conduct and presenting a false ID, Johnny Football started to show what some critics referred to as “poor character,” but we here at Maxim like to refer to such things as “Every weekend of being 19.” Instead of laying low this off-season (which is good, because laying low is super boring), Manziel has stayed busy. Last month he tweeted (and later deleted): “Bullshit like tonight is the reason why I can’t wait to leave College Station… Whenever it may be,” which everyone freaked right the hell out about, even though it turned out to be in reference to a parking ticket. He then left a QB camp where he was serving as a counselor after “suffering an illness” that may or may not have been caused by drinking a thousand beers (it was). Once again, the media absolutely lost their collective shit about it.

At some point, any confident and popular incoming-sophomore would inevitably give up on trying to stay in the media’s good graces and hide-out, but Johnny Football seems to have gone far beyond that, all the way to the other pole: outright trolling. First, he stopped in on a Texas frat party in a Tim Tebow jersey, just days after being booted from a similar frat party. He then took the troll-show to his Twitter account, firing back at big guns like Yahoo’s Pat Forde:

As well as little, tiny guns, like this dude –

And also this dude, with a photo-troll –

So, it seems clear that the young, talented, and soon to be eye-gougingly rich kid is also good at being shitty. Hide your daughters, folks.|

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