Johnny Manziel’s Hot Sister Parties in Vegas While QB Sits A Few Plays Out

Johnny’s alleged sobriety hasn’t stopped the sexy Instagram fun for Meri Manziel.

After getting the boot from the Cleveland Browns and being publicly called a “druggie” by his old man, disgraced Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel supposedly put down his glass for the last time on July 1.

But Johnny Football’s vow of sobriety hasn’t sidelined the party-going antics of his adorable kid sister, Meri Manziel.The 21-year-old stunner recently shared to Instagram shots of her wilding out in her brother’s old stomping ground, Las Vegas.

These recent bikini shots aren’t the end zone of her bomb-ass Instagram account. The rest of her feed plays out like one sun-soaked, everlasting pool party.

Don’t expect her fun-loving ways to intercept the QB’s recovery, though. Meri frequently shares pictures of the two, boasting how proud she is and even referring to Johnny as her “best friend.”

Hopefully Meri doesn’t take after her brother too much.

h/t New York Post