Johnny Manziel: Top 10 Plays From 2012 Heisman Trophy Winner’s Epic Season

They don’t call him Johnny Football for nothing.

Johnny Manziel put together one of the greatest highlight films in college football history as a freshman. He scrambled, broke tackles, evaded defenders and made accurate throws down the field while doing so. Undoubtedly, a man who made these types of plays deserved to win the 2012 Heisman Trophy. So congratulations are in order, and what better way to congratulate the first-ever freshman Heisman Trophy winner than by creating a slideshow dedicated to his sensational plays this season? Here are the top 10 plays that helped create the legend that is Johnny Football.

10. Slicing and Dicing SC State

Video Note: Skip to 1:52 Mark

You want to see Manziel shift gears and cut on a dime? There’s no better play to showcase than his touchdown run against South Carolina State this season. Manziel escaped the pocket and elevated to the second level, and once the safety came up to try to make the tackle, Manziel planted his foot and made a beautiful cut. SC State’s safety never had a chance.

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