Jon Jones Was Busted for a Drug that Prevents Man Boobs

Apparently the drug test he failed before UFC 200 was due to estrogen blockers taken by steroid users to keep their moobs in check.

Only days before UFC 200, Jon Jones’s title fight against Daniel Cormier was cancelled after it was revealed that he failed a drug test administered in June. Now we know the substance that caused the failed test. 

The Nevada State Athletic Commission revealed Tuesday that Jones tested positive for clomiphene and letrozole, two anti-estrogen drugs that steroid-users often take to keep their balls from shrinking and their man boobs from growing. 

Jones says his positive test was the result of accidental ingestion of the drugs. The old tainted supplement defense. He tweeted that he’s “already sent products to a lab” to have them tested for the drugs.

But suppose that Jones is lying and he did intentionally take these drugs. Why would he? Most likely, to block the negative effects of anabolic steroids, which work by boosting testosterone. 

The body compensates for this by boosting estrogen and this can cause problems for men. Some may experience testicular shrinkage and a reduced production of sperm. Others may experience a disorder called gynecomastia, commonly referred to as man boobs. 

Using estrogen blockers is often a sign of steroid use. Jones now knows this, but insists he’s not juiced.

Jones is currently looking at a possible two-year suspension for his postiive tests, though that hasn’t been handed down yet. For now Jones waits until a hearing in front of the NSAC, unable to fight as the prime years of his career melt away.