Watch Jon Jones Teach Snoop Killer MMA Moves

The Doggfather isn’t entering the Octagon anytime soon.

Snoop Dogg has proven himself a renaissance man over over the years. He’s a rapper, actor, pitchman and businessman, among other things. He is not, however, a hand-to-hand fighter. That is painfully clear in this video of the former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones playfully sparring with Snoop in his dressing room. The 44-year-old looks like he’s swatting flies.

Jones made it backstage for the Albuquerque stop of the Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa “High Road Tour.” Given his recent doping troubles, Jones probably has a lot of time on his hands, although he says that he’ll be back in the cage sooner than expected

That’s assuming, of course, he doesn’t get drug tested tomorrow. No one makes it out Snoop’s dressing room without a trace of a little something-something in their bloodstream.