Jon Stewart’s Eight Signature Gestures Will Live Forever in Our Hearts

In honor of the comedian’s last week on The Daily Show, a look back at the little things that made his show memorable.

Jon Stewart has been hailed as an “invaluable patriot” by David Remnick, he’s been lauded for his sharp interviews, his ability to develop talent, his fight for nuance and sanity in the national narrative landscape. He’s also made us laugh pretty damn hard during his 16 years as the host of The Daily Show. This Thursday will mark his final show, and one of the things we’ll miss the most is his physical comedy, his ability to deliver lines coupled with signature gestures that fully emphasize his frustration at the stupidity he faces. Here are our eight favorites:

1. Why?

Why cruel world? Why must you be a doyen of venal mendacity? Why must you reduce Jon Stewart to pleading before the camera like a Dickensian orphan? Couldn’t you try a bit harder? Just a bit? Please?

2. Oh, Okay

So, you—uh—so you’re the Mayor of Toronto and you’re going to say that about your wi—right. Right.

3. Boom!

For when you cue up the punch line just right and then knock that sucker home.  

4. Oh, God

Time to the global snooze button. We’re not ready to deal with this.

5. The Salesman

The most trustworthy name in sarcasm, giving it to you straight.

6. No, No—Tell Me More

The moony eyes. The cheerful countenance. It makes us feel so warm inside.

7. The Tie Routine

Oh, goodness. It’s so sultry. I need a kerchief todab away the perspiration from my troubled brow.

8. The Fist Shake

You meddling kids!

Photos by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images for Comedy Central​