Jonah Hill Makes Directorial Debut with ‘Mid90s’ Trailer, A Coming-of-Age Skateboarding Movie

Watch the first trailer for Hill’s love letter to skater culture.

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Jonah Hill is a man of surprises, like losing weight and suddenly emerging as a low-key street style god.

Now, the funnyman, occasional serious actor and dope dresser makes his directorial debut with the indie movie Mid90s, a coming-of-age story set in the skater scene of 1990s Los Angeles.

A first trailer just debuted, and viewers will be surprised to see Hill has already crafted a unique style as a director—shooting in vintage fullscreen and imbuing his story with earnest drama. 

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The trailer sees a kid with a troubled home life fall into a group of wayward skaters. The movie, as The Ringer points out, appears to be his “love letter to skate culture.”

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The trailer even recalls one of the greatest cult hits of the mid-90s, Larry Clark’s Kids

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If Jonah Hill performed well behind the camera, who knows, his directorial debut could maybe earn him an Oscar (or at least a nomination). It’s produced by A24, the studio responsible for such awards darlings as Moonlight and Lady Bird.

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See if Jonah Hill has directing chops when Mid90s hits theaters on October 19.