Jonathan Coulton’s New Portal Song Is Here, and It’s Glorious

For science, you monster. 

Jonathan Coulton, the creator of the famous Portal tune “Still Alive,” has released a new Portal song. This is massive.

The third Portal-related song — it also follows Portal 2’s “Want You Gone” — “You Wouldn’t Know” was created specifically for LEGO Dimensions, and it’s also “sung” by GLaDOS, the deadly AI character made popular by the previous two games. The lyrics find GLaDOS describing her life now that she’s hanging out with Batman and company in LEGO Dimensions, and the tune is super catchy.

Coulton has done it again. One listen and this song will worm its way into your brain where it will reside forevermore. Check it out below. A cautionary note: if you’re interested in picking up LEGO Dimensions and want to steer clear of any spoilers, maybe save this until after you’ve played the (absolutely adorable) game.