Jordany Valdespin Takes 94 MPH fastball to His Junk

And they say there’s no stakes in Spring Training.

He was subsequently revealed to be a Highlander.

(Photo by Mark Cunningham/Getty)

Jordany Valdespin got hit in the groin with a Justin Verlander fastball that clocked in at 94 miles per hour. Somehow, he lived to joke about it.

Yahoo! Sports does a tap dance of sorts in reporting on yet another baseball injury that might interest fans. 

Indeed, some of the quotes and tweets are both hilarious and a tad NSFW, so consider cyber earmuffs if you need them. 

The Mets utility infielder had apparently homered off Verlander earlier in the game, so you know he was feeling pretty good about himself as he entered the batter’s box the next time around. 

We’ll let Verlander do the play-by-play thanks to a quote he provided to Tigers beat writer, Chris Iott

“Justin Verlander: “Right out of the hand, it’s like, ‘Oh, (expletive). That is right at his balls.'” – Chris Iott

Chuckles continue when we finally got word from the man who took one too many fastballs to the junk today, as well as a very specific placement of said fastball, via Mike Puma’s Twitter

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