J.R. Smith Unties Shawn Marion’s Shoe as Knicks Use Schoolyard Tricks to Win

The still-employed Mike Woodson probably doesn’t mind, though.

With wins for New York coming pretty irregularly, James Dolan has likely set the panic-meter to DEFCON 1, asking his team to do anything it takes to win. That’s just what they did before halftime in last night’s eventual win, when everyone’s favorite maniac J.R. Smith entered the game while Dirk Nowitzki was at the foul line. Because J.R. likes to make an entrance, he immediately bent over – making no attempt to conceal what he was doing – and untied Shawn Marion’s sneaker.

Showing a boatload of self-control (and likely a little bit of pity) Marion carried on his business as usual, not even acknowledging the shenanigans (or sending Smith to the principal’s office). Way to be a good sport, Shawn, but we’ll see how you react next time when you get school boy-ed