Judging A Show By Its Poster: Go On

Everything you need to know about NBC’s Matthew Perry-starring Go On (that we could figure out from the poster)

Why get attached to a new TV show when it’ll probably get cancelled in a week anyway? It’s much better for all involved to make assumptions about it based on one piece of advertising. Premiering tomorrow is Matthew Perry’s latest attempt to recapture some of that elusive Friends magic. Judging entirely from its poster, here’s what Go On is about…

Premise: For the first time in his life, Matthew Perry is forced to touch old people, people of color, and ugly dudes with beards.

Sample characters: The old black guy, the young black guy.

Typical plot: As Perry attempts to extricate himself from a group hug, the Asian lady says, “You get back here!” Perry does, reluctantly.

Go On premieres Tuesday, September 11 at 9pm on NBC

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