Judging a Show by Its Poster: Nashville

Everything you need to know about ABC’s Nashville (that we could figure out from the poster)

Why get attached to a new TV show when it’ll probably get cancelled in a week anyway? It’s much better for all involved to make assumptions about it based on one piece of advertising. Coming soon is Nashville, which stars two of our favorite TV babes of all time: Heroes’ Hayden Panettiere and Friday Night Lights/American Horror Story’s Connie Britton. Judging entirely from its poster, here’s what Nashville is about…  

Premise: Connie Britton is a Cersei-like queen in this country-music-themed version of Game of Thrones. She rules with an iron Gibson Les Paul, and will cut down any rival who attempts to out honky-tonk her with a spirited riff.

Sample characters: Young upstart Hayden Panettiere—clad in golden armor—is a rival from a warring neighboring village (Charleston). She’ll stop at nothing to take over the throne, even if it means being stabbed in the knee with a razor-sharp stiletto.

Sample plot: The arch enemies finally meet at the Grand ole Opry, where a grizzled old wizard names Willius Nelsonster convinces them both to chill out in his smoke-filled horse carriage. Peace (and snacking) soon follow.

premieres on October 10 at 10pm on ABC.

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