Watch: Julia Louis-Dreyfus As a Guilt-Ridden Cougar In ‘SNL’ Digital Short

Seems like there’s some generation gap in play.

When Julia Louis-Dreyfus took on hosting duties it was perhaps inevitable that Saturday Night Live would host a mini-Seinfeld reunion, given Larry David’s semi-regular gig on the show doing his spot-on Bernie Sanders impression. That might have been the bright spot in the show for fans of Dreyfus, David, and the “show about nothing.” 

For our money one of the better segments of the night was a cringeworthy yet somehow dead-on digital short in which the Veep star played a hot middle-aged mom who realized she wasn’t feeling too great about an ongoing affair with her millennial pool boy. The pool boy — played with hilarious vapidity by SNL bright spot Pete Davidson — was totally cool with whatever, but Dreyfus’s regretful MILF kept trying to play the whole thing as a scene from a romantic break-up script he simply didn’t get. The end result was equal parts wince-inducing and sadly funny.

Another highlight of the episode featured SNL standout Kate McKinnon and the host as a pair of creepy aliens masquerading in human form at a mixer for members of a dating site.

SNL sketches have gone to some dark and weird places this season and this was no exception. 

We’re kind of into it.