Supermodel-Dating Julian Edelman Could Be Forced to Play QB for the Patriots

The Adriana Lima-dating wideout’s next trick? He could be backup quarterback.

Julian Edelman is a wide receiver. Yes, he played quarterback in college and threw a touchdown in the Super bowl, but the man has made his name hauling in passes, not throwing him. And yet, the Patriots are so desperate that they may be forced to put him under center on Thursday night. That’s what a combination of suspensions and injuries will do to a team.

Tom Brady is, of course, the Pats regular quarterback. But he’s missing the first four weeks of the season for the dumbest controversy in the history of sports. His backup, Jimmy Garoppolo, performed well in week one before getting knocked out the game in week two with an injured shoulder.

Now, third stringer Jacoby Brissett is set to start in the team’s Thursday night game against the Texans. The Pats are hoping that Garoppolo is well enough to serve as Brissett’s backup, but they’re getting Edelman ready just in case.

Meanwhile, off the field Edelman has found himself embroiled in a love triangle with Brazilian supermodel Adriana Lima and Ryan Seacrest.

Lima, who’s dating Edelman, was recently seen at dinner with the TV and radio host. TMZ is reporting that they’re just friends though and Edelman is cool with it. He’s not the jealous type. But even if he was, a simple wedgie would get Seacrest out of the picture faster than he could say, “This is American Idol.”