Watch: ‘Julieta’ Trailer Teases Potential Pedro Almodovar Masterpiece

Check out this mysterious trailer for a sneak peek at the acclaimed Spanish director’s next film.

If you’re not already a fan of Pedro Almodovar, it’s be a good time to catch up on the Spanish filmmaker’s quirky repertoire: The international trailer for his upcoming film Julieta has just been released, which means it should be coming stateside soon.

The new clip teases Almodovar’s return to the interior lives of women, which he famously explored in All About My Mother, Volver, Talk to Her, and Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown. After the misfire that was 2011’s I’m So Excited, we’re happy to see Almodovar getting back to what he does best. 

Julieta, which follows one woman’s struggle with personal losses over multiple decades (she is played by two different actresses), was originally titled Silencio but Almodovar changed the title to avoid confusion with Martin Scorsese‘s upcoming Silence. Classy guy.

Watch (and listen to, if you understand Spanish) the Julieta trailer here. Warning: Sadly, there’s no sign of Almodovar’s longtime muse, the lovely Penelope Cruz

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