The First Official Poster for ‘Jurassic World 2’ Is a Mystery

What’s going on here?

Another Jurassic World is on the way, and the Twitter account associated with the franchise just dropped a tantalizing poster in conjunction with promoting new media associated with the sequel.

As CinemaBlend noted, in spite of a number of unfriendly reviews (ours was not among them, we found it pretty killer), the Chris Pratt-starring Jurassic World did a bang-up business at the box office, pulling in a half-billion and change globally. So it was pretty easy for the filmmakers to say ‘damn the reviews, two sequels ahead.’ 

Now the mystery that’s keeping fans awake an extra minute or two is wondering just what the hidden word after “Jurassic” in the new poster is. It begins with “Ou-” but from there it’s anyone’s guess. “Outdoors?” “Outer Space?” “Outhouse?” 

We may be at the mercy of the creators of the inbound new website and name. 

As long as there are more velociraptors and motorcycles, we’re cool with whatever.

h/t CinemaBlend