Just Put Milla Jovovich In Everything Already

The high-fashion action hero par excellence has been cast in a George R.R. Martin movie. Where do we get tickets.

Word on the Boulevard is that Resident Evil star Milla Jovovich has been cast as the lead in the film adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s In the Lost Lands, a series of short stories about a sorceress who wants to learn how to become a werewolf and various other empowered women. Here’s our hot take: Casting Milla is always a good call. 

We could justify our faith in the Ukrainian actress by pointing out that she’s more-or-less singlehandedly carried the Resident Evil franchise for years, but that would be a specious argument. Let’s get real. Milla Jovovich was in The Fifth Element – likely the best sci-fi epic of the past twenty years – and she was as compelling as a monosyllabic slice of human perfection could have possibly been. She made orange suspenders look good, so we suspect she’ll be able to pull off elongated canines.

When it comes to Hollywood, Milla’s got a multipass.

Photos by Matt Jones