The Amazons in ‘Justice League’ Ditched Armor For Skimpy Bikinis, And Some ‘Wonder Woman’ Fans Are Not Happy About It

Another example of Hollywood sexism?


(Photo: Warner Bros.)

As excited as they were to see Gal Gadot return to the big screen in the upcoming Justice League, Wonder Woman fanatics are just as amped to see the Amazons of Themyscira kicking ass once more.

Still, fans are divided over their costumes in director Zack Snyders’ film. In a photo circulating on the Internet, they appear to be much sexier than they were in Wonder Woman.

Here’s a side by side:

Surely, some superhero geeks out there are thrilled about this evolution in Themyscira’s dressing customs. But there are critics who think it’s sexist—that it’s no coincidence the costumes suddenly became sexier once a man was in the director’s chair (Wonder Woman was directed by Patty Jenkins, fyi).

Some have said it’s just miscalculated Internet outrage and that there were actually scenes in Wonder Woman when the Amazons were wearing these “skimpier” outfits.

We’ll have to see on November 17, when Justice League hits theaters, whether Zack Snyder preserves Jenkins’s feminist superhero vision… or whether he reduces it to mere action-fantasy spank bank.