Watch Justin Bieber Get Beat Down In Massive Fistfight After Cavs-Warriors Game

He’s gotta be hurting today.

Who’s “Sorry” now? 

A video of Justin Bieber shows the pop star getting beaten down outside a Cleveland hotel following the Cavaliers’ Wednesday night trouncing of the Golden State Warriors.

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The action-packed clip, first shared by TMZ, shows Bieber push a larger man away, then punch him in the face. The guy barely flinches and responds by tackling Bieber to the ground and raining punches on him before he gets pulled off the overmatched Biebs.  

“Holy s**t, I’m sending this to TMZ,” an unidentified man who took the video can be heard saying during the brawl, which happened around 11 p.m. Wednesday.

Bieber, who was wearing a Cavs jersey during the fracas, was in town to watch the third game in the NBA Finals between the Cleveland and Golden State.

Looks like he ought to stick to picking on smaller guys, like Orlando Bloom.