This Guy Just Got an “I Love Justin Bieber” Lower Back Tattoo

And it was for a good cause. 

Tattoos used to really mean something. If you research the origins of tattoos, they were mostly a very serious practice used to honor loved ones, the dead, or to express honor and family loyalty. Now people give nary a fuck about permanently inking their body with hideous cartoon characters, symbols they don’t even know the meaning of, or names of people they barely (or not at all) know — such as in the case of UK man Jamie Young who got the words “I love Justin Bieber” tattooed above his ass crack. FOREVER. 

In this particular instance, unlike the time I got a 30 Seconds to Mars tattoo because “it was funny,” the tattoo in question was for a good cause. Young, a 23-year-old bouncer, set a goal for himself to raise $1,500 during the second annual Skyfest festival, held in Leigh, Manchester, England, which would then be donated to the Make Some Noise charity.  Young said that if he met his goal he’d get a tattoo, and that goal was quickly met, so he made good with his end of the bargain. Why he chose this particular tattoo is unclear. Maybe he also thought it was funny?

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h/t Complex