Justin Bieber Poses With Stanley Cup, Ruins Sports For Everyone

Pack it in, sports fans, the Biebs has spoiled all the fun.

(Courtesy of Twitter/@PJHASSEN)

Yesterday (which nobody predicted would be the apocalypse – GOOD JOB, MAYANS), the Chicago Blackhawks marketing director tweeted out the above not-even-close-to-swaggy photo of Justin Bieber putting his dirty hands all over Lord Stanley’s Mug. Not surprisingly, fans of the Blackhawks (and also, fans of common decency) were outraged.

But maybe this fury is unfounded. The Biebs has showed love for the Bulls before. Plus, Chicago is like kinda close to Canada, right? It’s not like he just jumps on the bandwagon of whatever team is hot at the moment. Oh, wait. Oh, wait. Oh, wait. Oh, wait. Oh, wait. Oh, wait. Oh, wait. Oh, wait.

Go get him, Chicago. 

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