KAH Tequila

Another creepy holiday! We’ll drink to that!

Halloween’s over. 

But that’s okay! There’s another spooky holiday and it lasts till tomorrow! It’s the Mexican holiday, Day of the Dead! During this holiday, people celebrate, honor, and pray for the dead, dress up like skeletons, make sugar skulls, and have all kinds of fun. At Maxim, we celebrate it by having all kinds of fun with tequila. 

Specifically, KAH Tequilas.

These beautiful babies, modeled after “Calaveras” (skulls) come in Reposado, Blanco, and Extra Añejo. Each are individually handcrafted and are perfect for a Day of the Dead party or creepy home decor!

Each of these tequilas is packed with rich agave flavor. The Reposado has warm caramel and vanilla notes, and the Extra Añejo is dark, spicy, and full of maple. The Blanco, which won the gold at San Francisco World Spirits last year, is clean, peppery, and smooth.

We wish it was Day of the Dead every day!

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