This Creepy Kangaroo Horde Is Terrifying

Video captured by a biker in Australia shows a very different side of the marsupials we know and love. 

Kangaroos: cute, cuddly marsupials known only for jumping prowess and being the face of the most delicious snack to come out of the nineties, right?


Cyclist Ben Vezina learned that the hard way during a bike ride through Australia’s Hawkstone Park. He was alone, and outnumbered by dozens of kangaroos. While they didn’t attack him, they did something much, much worse. They stood completely still and silent, following him with their eerie gaze as he rode past before jumping away.

“Oh my God,” Vezina comments. “Instead of the zombie apocalypse, it’s kangaroos…I’m kinda terrified, yo.”

As he should be. The kangaroos are watching. And they’re waiting — for what, exactly, time will tell.