Watch This Guy Punch a Kangaroo in the Face to Save His Dog

‘Roo wanna piece of me?

A two-fisted dog owner was caught on video punching a menacing kangaroo in the face after the muscled marsupial got his dog in a headlock. 

The viral video above shows the guy and his pals in the Australian bush when one of the men suddenly yells at his dog, Max, ordering him to “come here.”

Then you see Max in a headlock courtesy of the jacked, 6-foot-tall kangaroo, which stands up on his hind legs as the dog’s owner runs toward him and the two square off.

But before the kangaroo can pull off another bully move, he gets punched square in the face by the owner, and stumbles backwards.

The man then orders his dog back to his truck, and the dazed ‘roo remains upright before bouncing away. 

The video has gotten more than 3 million views since it was posted to Facebook Sunday.