Kanye West Attacks Jimmy Kimmel on Twitter for Making a Funny

Who knew that Kanye has trouble taking a joke?

Earlier this week, Jimmy Kimmel decided to do the unthinkable, and poke a little fun at Kanye West and the absolutely absurd interview that he gave to the BBC.


Pretty lighthearted stuff, right? Apparently Kanye did not see it that way. Here are a few choice moments of Yeezus’ furious Twitter response. He started off with a little run-of-the-mill megalomania.


Then he moved on to Jimmy’s sex life:


The content on his show:


His failed relationship:


And finally, whatever this is:


For his part, Kimmel took Kanye’s complaints very seriously:

But don’t worry too much. Kanye probably found solace in the arms of his number one fan: Kanye. 

Photos by Getty Images | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2013