Kanye West Wants Everyone to Leave Elon Musk Alone

“I don’t give a f*ck who’s over his house.”

Elon Musk; Kanye West
Getty Images

Maybe Kanye West needs to take some time off. Maybe take a break from social media, produce some more albums, brainstorm yet another Yeezy. He’s just not doing himself any favors lately.

Or maybe he is. He definitely seems to believe “any publicity is good publicity,” and he’s pretty creative in creating it. West’s most recent publicity prop: name-dropping Elon Musk during a random visit to an art school. Sympathetically, that is. See the video above.

It’s hard to understand West at first, then he gets to the heart of his ramble: “Elon Musk. I don’t give a fuck who’s over his house. Leave that man the fuck alone.” Then, with emphasis: “Leave that man the fuck alone.”

This follows West’s controversial appearance on Saturday Night Live, when he closed the show with an unexpected pro-President Trump rant that had the studio audience and cast squirming in discomfort. It also follows Elon Musk’s removal as chairman of Tesla Inc. and $20 million penalties against him and his company for Musk’s “false and misleading” tweets about company stocks.

Musk has been the butt of jokes and criticism for his weed-infused screwups, but now we know one thing for sure: he’s got a friend in Ye.