Kanye West Just Dropped Two New Songs

Listen to “When I See It” and a revamped “Say You Will.” 

Kanye West presents every move he makes as a huge event, a self-made holiday wherein he alerts the world that it’s expected of them to join in on whatever the occasion may be. If you were to navigate over to his homepage right now, you’d think that he was preparing to take off on a shuttle to the moon, but no, it’s just Monday, and Kanye has gifted us with two new (kind of?) songs on his official Soundcloud.

One is a new version of 808s and Heartbreaks’  “Say You Will,” with an appearance from Caroline Shaw, and the other is a revamped version of the Weeknd​’s “Tell You Friends,” which he renamed “When I See It.” http://soundcloud.com/kanyewestYou can stream both here.

His highly anticipated new album, Swish, will be out soon, but it’s yet to be revealed just how soon. 

Photos by Christopher Polk / Getty Images