Wiz Khalifa and Kanye West Are Passing Mean Notes Back and Forth Via Twitter

Let's all just be nice for a day. Is that so hard?
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Breaking News: Two insanely famous people have found grievance with one another and are airing it all out via social media. Hold onto your socks and pop an aspirin while we unravel this mess together.

Apparently it all started when rapper Wiz Khalifa made a written stink face over the news that Kanye West changed the name of his album from Swish to Waves

Wiz also tweeted the following, and Kanye thought that he meant Kim Kardashian. (He didn't — the KK referred to Khalifa Kush, aka Khalifa's honorary strain of weed.) 

So Kanye responded by tweeting:


and also: 

Plus a 17-tweet-long tweetstorm. Based on this brief exchange so far I'd say that Kanye is winning this high energy exchange of internet hand slaps. When in doubt, just make fun of someone's pants. 

At the time of this post the last word from Wiz Khalifa was that he's over it and is gonna go enjoy some marijuana cigarettes:

Kanye's closing remark:

You can read the entire back-and-forth here. So what do you think? Who won? 

Update: Kanye deleted most of his tweets and offered the following non-apology.