A ‘Karate Kid’ TV Series With Ralph Macchio and William Zabka Is Coming, So Get the Body Bag Ready

Daniel-san and Johnny, reunited at last.

Credit: YouTube

Get your waxing arm ready.

Ralph Macchio and William Zabka have signed on to make a Karate Kid TV series, called Cobra Kai, and we couldn’t be more excited. The story, broke by The Hollywood Reporter, confirms that the two stars of the original movie will reprise their roles 30 years later in a story that will continue the original trilogy. 

The series, picked up by YouTube Red, ditches the Karate Kid title—makes sense, both actors are in their 50s and are hardly “kids” anymore—in favor of the infamous dojo’s title.

Credit: IMDB

While we’ll have to wait for more details from Zabka and Macchio themselves, we do know that the series will be a half-hour comedy that aims to capture the heart that made the original movies integral parts of pop-culture. (We also have high hopes for an Elizabeth Shue cameo.)

Credit: IMDB

Details of the plot have been revealed, indicating that Zabka’s Johnny, downtrodden in middle age, seeks purpose in life by re-opening the defunct Cobra Kai dojo. This reignites his rivalry with Macchio’s Daniel La Russo, who’s also having a tough time dealing with middle-age without the guidance of Mr. Miyagi. 

If there’s a more air-tight premise for a Karate Kid continuation, we can’t think of it.

Credit: YouTube

Scheduled to premiere in 2018, the series will begin with a 10 episode season that we sincerely hope leads to a multi-season run. The showrunners have already promised the laughs, heart and fight scenes that made the original great. 

There’s no word yet on whether crane-kicks will be included.