Kate Beckinsale Wins Instagram With Election-Themed Bra Photos

Landslide victory.

Getty Images

While the votes are still being tallied in a nailbiter of a presidential election, Kate Beckinsale may have clinched an early victory on Instagram with her golden “Vote” bra photos. 

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The British Underworld star modeled the bra created by Austin-based jeweler Nina Berenato and added a caption that read in part, “Good luck everyone. Be kind to yourselves, and each other.”

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This wasn’t the first time the British actress dipped a toe in the American political dialogue, posting an earlier Instagram before Halloween that was even more direct.

That photo’s caption urged her fans to do their civic duty but also contained her signature quirky humor, reading: 

I can’t vote due to being 🇬🇧 but I CAN wear a custom golden VOTE bra and encourage you to. In fact please vote on my behalf. If the voter registration deadline has passed, you can still register to vote in person at a designated Election Day Registration office. Contact your Local Election Office if you have any questions. Check your state for details. Also do not wear a metal bra next to an open fire for an extended period of time. VOTE.

Many celebs were all about political thirst traps regarding 2020 presidential race with similar messages—some, like Lady Gaga, promoted their favorite candidate, but others such as Ariana Grande and Kylie Jenner simply emphasized the importance of having your voice heard. 

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The presidential election was still too close to call on the morning of November 4th, with vote counts underway in important swing states like Michigan and Pennsylvania. 

Voter turnouts, in general, were huge, though, so your favorite celebrity hottie pushing fans toward the polls certainly didn’t hurt.