Watch Kate Hudson Describe Getting Her Butt Squeezed by Jennifer Aniston at the Golden Globes

“Girls are cuddly.”

It’s scientifically proven that many women are secretly attracted to other women. But we don’t always get to hear about these exploits from the mouths of babes themselves. 

Appearing on Conan on Thursday, actress Kate Hudson described getting a bit closer than normal with Jennifer Aniston on the Golden Globes red carpet.

“I was watching the Golden Globes once, and you’re there, and Jennifer Aniston is there, and she’s walking in line near you …” begins Conan.

“That was a butt squeeze!” shouts Hudson, before describing how Aniston gave her booty some extra loving on the red carpet.

“Girls are cuddly,” explained Hudson. “We’re tactile. We like to squeeze and touch and hug and snuggle. It doesn’t mean it goes any further.”

“It always could,” pleads Conan.

The whole clip is pretty fantastic. Give it a watch and then try not to process the visual. Go on. We dare you.