Kate Upton and Alexandra Daddario Attempt to Out-Hot Each Other in Legit Hilarious ‘The Layover’ Trailer

It’s a battle of the babes.

In real life, either supermodel Kate Upton or actress Alexandra Daddario could snap their fingers and get any man they wanted.

But in the far-fetched premise of the upcoming comedy The Layover, Kate and Alexandra play two through-thick-and-thin friends who quickly turn on each other when they meet a guy they both want.

As seen in the trailer, hidden grudges are brought to the fore as Kate and Alexandra declare an all-out “who’s hotter?” war. Each employ various battle tactics (like wearing slinky bathing suits) to win over his affection.

One YouTube commenter offered a simple solution: “The real problem with the premise is that they could just have a theeway.”

Another guessed the movie’s ending may be a letdown: “Ima go ahead and take wild guess he’s GAY.”

Still, we’re excited to see Upton show off her comedy chops when The Layover hits theaters on August 3.