Kate Upton Stars in Jacksonville Jaguars Play Calls

No one should be surprised at this, because Kate Upton.

Of course the gorgeous Kate Upton is the kind of woman who might inspire a lot of guys to greater heights. She’s a force of nature, after all, and we’ve listed many reasons why we’re into her before. 

Now it looks like no less than the Jacksonville Jaguars use Kate Upton as a kind of on-field code and perhaps inspiration to play a little harder. That’s our take on why Jags QB was caught by field mics shouting Upton’s name as an audible during a pre-season game against the New York Jets.  

Audibles are really just the way a QB signals a play alteration on-field, and most field generals like retired legend Peyton Manning go with something boring, like his “Omaha.” 

We’re going to go ahead and guess that “Kate Upton” is a much better code to use, because who wouldn’t slam into the massive guy in front of him a little harder if he had the magical motivation of her perfect curves in mind. 

Hopefully this will catch on and the names of supermodels will be dominating the gridiron by the time the football season truly begins. We can only hope.

h/t CBS 


Maxim Staff