Kate Winslet Makes a Terrifying Villain in the New Triple 9 Trailer

This movie is going to be so good, guys. 

The UK Triple 9 trailer is here, and it’s making us wish it was February already.

The new trailer for the ultraviolent crime story is nowhere near as gruesome as the previously released red band trailer (which is still haunting our nightmares). Instead, it tells us a bit more of the story and reveals Kate Winslet’s character to be Villian-In-Chief — perhaps even the mastermind behind the heist at the heart of the story. Anthony Mackie and Casey Affleck play cops who are planning to kill one of their own in order to divert the police force’s attention away from the aforementioned heist. Woody Harrelson is an apparently non-crooked cop who could uncover the plan, and Aaron Paul is also involved but it’s unclear what his role is. We also learn what Triple 9 means: Code for a murdered cop. Makes sense!

Triple 9 opens in theaters on February 19.