Katrina Darrell: “American Idol”‘s Bikini Girl

Maxim Editor in Chief Joe Levy recaps the high note of the American Idol finale.

Here’s what we know about Katrina Darrell: She’s 20, she’s from Chino Hills, CA, she was a Hooters girl, she has a stripper pole in her bedroom (but only, she says, for fitness, not for any other reason), and last February, she turned up at the American Idol auditions in Phoenix clad in a bikini and heels, thus winning the approval of the male AI judges and the opprobrium (SAT word meaning “bitch slap”) of the ladies. Last night, she turned up again on the American Idol finale, sporting an even more impressive bikini and even more impressive assets, prompting judge Kara DioGuardi to join her onstage to school her in how to sing Mariah Carey’s “Vision of Love.” DioGuardi finished the song by pulling open her dress to reveal her own bikini bod. (She did it on a dare to raise money for charity, and it looks like DioGuardi is doing more crunches than Darrell – way to go Kara!).

Finally, a reality show where we’re all winners!