Katy Perry Cashes In On Left Shark

There always money in the #leftshark costume. 

Katy Perry is no dummy. Seeing the surprising popularity of the wayward left shark from this year’s Super Bowl, she saw a chance to make bank, which is presumably why she’s now selling her own branded onesie. 

After suing an enterprising businessman for trying to sell Left Shark merchandise, Perry has cleared the playing field for her to achieve complete Left Shark domination. Not only can you purchase a onesie for a cool $129.99, you can also nab a rad T-Shirt for $25.00.

If only a few thousand Perry devotees decide that the Left Shark onesie is the fashion accessory of the summer, then Ms. Perry should be rolling in it. But is the Left Shark onesie of enough quality to make our recent list of onesies you should be wearing right now? Only time, and us coughing up a bunch of cash, will tell. 

Photos by Getty Images