Katy Perry Used to Sing For a Metal Band

Watch unearthed footage of a young Katy Perry singing backup for P.O.D.

Before she was a firework, Katy Perry was just lil ‘ol Katy Hudson, a Santa Barbara native who exercised her budding talents singing backup for a Christian metal band called P.O.D. Fans of Perry may be like “duh, we knew that already,” and that may very well be so, but have you seen video of it? Footage of her singing on the band’s song “Goodbye For Now” during an appearance on Jay Leno’s Tonight Show was recently dug out from the depths of the internet for us all to testify to together. 

Here she is in action, wearing some manner of  prairie skirt and craning for the camera with all her might. 

Photos by Steve Granitz / WireImage