Katy Perry Makes a Hilarious Cameo On “Kroll Show”

The former Maxim model and Hot 100 list-topper joined forces with the hilarious Nick Kroll to discuss an interesting product.

Our favorite pop princess Katy Perry, along with guest stars Amy Poehler and Laura Dern, showed up for an appearance on “Blisteritos Presents Dad Academy Graduation Congraduritos Red Carpet Viewing Party” in last night’s season finale of Kroll Show. In case you missed it, Blisteritos are a disgusting snack food that causes the medical condition, Volcano Head. On to the less disgusting and more sexy, here’s Katy’s (Pop Chip-promoting) appearance:

Kroll Show

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We hope to see more of the newly single beauty on Comedy Central… but until then, here’s a roundup of her best dance moves

Sadly, new episodes of Kroll Show will not return until 2015! Until next year, Liz and Liz!