This New Vodka Is Designed to Help You Stay at the Party Longer

If you want to get the girl and enjoy the party, order smart.

So there you are, at the bar with your new friend from the internet. You’ve come prepared (or at least showered), ready to show your date a great time.

“What are you drinking?” the waiter asks. The words, “dry martini, up, two olives,” sail smoothly off your lips like 007 himself. The problem? That gin martini is a ticking time bomb and you just pulled the pin, boss. While you were looking for a little liquid courage, the alcohol is about to get the best of you and it won’t be pretty (just because you can order like a secret agent doesn’t mean you can pull off the ultimate mission).

This girl is a catch and she’d make the perfect Netflix and Hibernate partner (winter is coming), so you can’t afford to mess this up. The right play? Order a drink with longevity. Go for a cocktail that will keep you sharp tonight and less regretful tomorrow. Insert KEEL Premium Light Vodka

Founded in Newport, Rhode Island, KEEL is an American made vodka that’s lighter, smoother and just the right amount of alcohol (50 proof and 58 calories per serving) so you can stay at the party longer without becoming “that guy.”

Try the Weatherly, created by mixologist Tenzin Conechok Samdo of Trade.

2 oz keel vodka

3/4 oz hibiscus syrup

1/3 oz fresh lemon juice

Shaken with fresh mint and strained over ice.

Enjoy and stay balanced.